Coming to "Family flower island", visitors can experience a colorful space of flowers amidst vast clouds, sky and water. On an area of about 10,000 square meters, the young couple planted many types of flowers and ornamental plants.

This island attracts tourists because it is created from landscape architecture with small paths winding around the island, occasionally dotted with wooden houses amid colorful flowers.

The island has flowers blooming in all four seasons. The magnificence of the mountains, clouds, sky and water in the Nui Coc lake bed and the flower island spread a magical color. Everyone will surely feel comfortable amidst the green mountains and blue waters.

With the creation of youth, the young couple turned a deserted island into a splendid four-season flower island beautifying Thai Nguyen land and people.

Family flower island
Family flower island

Family flower islandFamily flower islandFamily flower islandFamily flower islandFamily flower island