1. Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee; Provincial Steering Committee for External Information Work

- Pay attention to directing, orienting and guiding the content of propaganda and external information in the province

- Directing and orienting the fight against misrepresentation and untruthful information affecting the image of the province

2. Department of Foreign Affairs

- Act as the focal point to connect and contact Vietnamese representative agencies abroad to provide information and communication products to promote the province's image, people, mechanisms and policies to attract investment.

- Actively develop and coordinate in implementing propaganda on the occasion of major holidays, important domestic and foreign events, and foreign visits of provincial leaders.

- Coordinate with overseas Vietnamese representative agencies to collect and process information in the host country and matters related to the field and province's information according to regulations.

3. Department of Information and Communications

- To assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in researching and producing propaganda products for external information work suitable to Thai Nguyen province.

- Appraise and issue publishing licenses to agencies and units which wish to publish foreign information publications in Vietnamese and foreign languages to provide external information and promote the image of Thai Nguyen province to the international community and overseas Vietnamese according to regulations