1. Departments, branches, People's Committees of districts and cities

- Organize thoroughly to all organizations and individuals under its management according to principle that "Responding to network information security incidents is an important activity in order to detect, prevent, handle and promptly overcome network information security incidents”; direct the serious implementation of the contents of Directive No. 18/CT-TTg dated October 13, 2022 of the Prime Minister and take responsibility before the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee if there is negligence in responding to network information safety incidents which causes serious consequences or damage at agencies and units under its management

- Actively coordinate with relevant authorities to scan for vulnerabilities in information systems within the scope of management at least once every six months.

- Seriously review, detect and fix vulnerabilities and weaknesses according to warnings of authorities; proactively monitor and detect risks of network information insecurity in order to promptly handle and overcome them

2. Assign the Thai Nguyen Province Cyber Information Security Incident Response Team to perform regular tasks: act as the focal point to receive and manage incidents; response, incident handling and threat hunting; Research and monitor network attack risks, information on vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

3. Assign Department of Information and Communications:

- Acting as the focal point of the province, guiding agencies and units to deploy activities to respond to cyberinformation security incidents.

- Advise and strengthen the incident response team before December 31, 2022 in a professional and mobile manner, ensuring the number of network information security experts