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“Lotus tea” – A gift from nature

30/09/2023 23:05

Born and grew up in Tan Cuong (Thai Nguyen City), attached to the tea tree since childhood, Mr. Le Son Hai (born in 1992) has always wondered how to preserve and develop the tea specialty of the homeland. After having graduated from the major in journalism at a university in Hanoi, he decided to leave the capital to return to his hometown in order to start a business on one-hectare tea hill of his family. With passion, enthusiasm, hard work and creativity, Mr. Hai has brought the delicious and pure taste of Tan Cuong tea mixed with the fragrant lotus scent of West Lake (Hanoi) to domestic and foreign consumers. See Dynamic Thai Nguyen to listen to Mr. Le Son Hai - owner of An Hai tea production facility about his passion for lotus tea and his efforts to bring the product "Lotus tea - a gift from nature” to everywhere.

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