In order to effectively implement the digital transformation program in building new rural areas, Thai Nguyen province has issued plan number 154/KH-UBND Implement the digital conversion program in new rural construction, towards a smart new countryside Thai Nguyen province, period 2021-2025


Digital transformation in building new countryside is the solution and key task in implementing the national target program on building new countryside in the province, contribute to the effective implementation of the Digital Transformation Program of Thai Nguyen Province in the 2021-2025 period to gradually form a smart new rural area, improve the efficiency of the community's activities, and contribute to the building of a new rural area in depth, efficiency and sustainability.


Thai Nguyen province's goal by 2025 will be to develop digital government in building a new rural area, the national target program on building new rural areas in the province is organized synchronously, Unified on digital technology platform, at least 90% of provincial job profiles, 80% of district-level work records and 60% of commune-level work records are processed in the network environment (except for work records that are classified as State secrets); 100% of localities, management units operate in the electronic environment.

At least 97% of communes meet criterion 8.4 of criterion number 8 on Information and Communication according to the Criteria for New Rural Communes in the 2021-2025 period.

Strive for 100% of managers at all levels participating in the implementation of the National Target Program on New Rural Development to receive training and capacity building on digital transformation.

Developing the digital economy, contributing to the rural economy

About the digital society in building a new rural area: organizing feedback on people/community's satisfaction on the results of building a new countryside through an online application.

In addition, Thai Nguyen also strives to have at least 1 pilot model of Smart New Rural commune according to the most outstanding fields (economics, rural tourism, environment, culture, health, education, security, etc.)

Tasks and solutions

Strengthen the work of information, communication, awareness raising, training and knowledge training on digital transformation

Building digital government in new rural construction

Promoting digital economy in agricultural development

Focus on developing digital society in new rural construction

Pilot implementation of digital transformation model in new rural construction…