Accordingly, Circular 17 stipulates that the maximum number of candidates for each unit is 10 candidates; Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi alone have 20 candidates. Regarding exam questions and grading; on standards and conditions for members to participate in the Exam Council of the International Olympic Team Selection Exam,...increase the participation of higher education institutions, departments of education and training in the organizational stages exam.

Continue to maintain the organization of practice exams in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the International Olympic Team Selection Exam; For the exam for selecting national excellent students, replace the organization of the practice exam in the exam for selecting national excellent students with exams on the subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with content asking candidates to solve by knowledge related to experimental and practical skills.

The new regulations increase the prize rate of the national exam for selecting excellent students to ensure compliance with the regulations of regional and international Olympics. Accordingly, 60% won consolation prizes or higher (in previous years it was 50%); in which, the total number of first, second, and third prizes does not exceed 60% of the total prizes, and the number of first prizes does not exceed 5% of the total prizes.

The new regulations also supplement regulations related to transportation of exam questions so that when necessary, transportation of exam questions through the system of the government cipher committee and the form of exam on computers connected to the local network/ internal to information technology. Flexibility in regulations on the location of the international Olympic team selection competition.