Creating strong start-up ecosystem

Creating strong start-up ecosystem

Honored to be the product in the Innovation Golden Book of Vietnam 2019, the anti-HPPro stomach medicine product of the group of students and lecturers of the University of Agriculture and Forestry (Thai Nguyen University) has been commercialized and brought about initial positive results.

Mr. Luu Hong Son - Head of Anti-HPPro Product Research Team “The project was selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology to participate in the Science and Technology Exhibition in Taiwan, then in 2020 the project received the Certificate of Exclusive Right. After that, the team has started a business, developed and commercialized the product. ”

Anti - HPPro products are just one of the ideas that have emerged from start-up playground. Right after the project "Supporting the national innovation start-up ecosystem to 2025" was approved, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 113 on supporting the ecosystem of innovative startups to 2025. Especially in 2019, Resolution No. 09 was born, creating a suitable legal corridor and favorable environment to support the development of enterprises based on the exploitation of intellectual property, technology, and new business models.

Mr. Pham Quoc Chinh - Director of Thai Nguyen Department of Science and Technology“Many start-up businesses have achieved great success. Many start-up businesses have launched products with high science and technology content”.

In recent years, many forums, competitions and training courses on entrepreneurship, innovation from all levels, sectors, localities and units have taken place, bringing out thousands of ideas and products, thereby contributing to spreading the spirit of starting a business, attracting the attention of the whole society.

Mr. Pham Van Linh - Vice President of Vietnam Investment and Start-up Club “The main task we need to do is gathering young people who are interested in startup movement. This is the power of the collective, the consciousness and the desire. And when this perception is spread, young people in Thai Nguyen will pay more attention to start-up activities”.

Thai Nguyen, with a generation of young, dynamic and determined, is an important driving force for innovative startups, playing a role in local socio-economic development.