Thai Nguyen to cooperate with Kawasaki City for sustainable development

Speaking at the meeting, the Secretary of the Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee welcomed Mr. Norio Aoki and Kawasaki’s delegation to visit and work in Thai Nguyen. Mrs. Hai further informed that Thai Nguyen province has planned 11 industrial parks and 1 centralized information technology park with a total area of about 4,245 hectares. Among the 11 planned industrial parks, Phu Binh Industrial - Urban - Service Park with a total area of 900 hectares included. This is a large industrial park with the orientation of attracting high-tech, environmentally friendly industries. Thai Nguyen province hopes that Japanese investors will pay attention and research investments in the province's industrial zones and clusters, especially Phu Binh industrial park. Mrs. Hai pledged that Thai Nguyen would support and create favorable conditions for all businesses of Kawasaki to come to survey, cooperate, and invest in Thai Nguyen province.

In return, Mr. Norio Aoki said that through this meeting, the cooperative relationship between Kawasaki City and Thai Nguyen province would be more consolidated, opening up more room for cooperation between the two localities.