Thai Nguyen: Export value decreases by 29.6% over the same period

According to the leader of Thai Nguyen Statistics Department, the export value decreased because the group of phones, tablets and other electronic goods was estimated at 1.66 billion USD (accounting for nearly 92% of the total export value) decreased by more than 31% compared with the same period.

Out of the total 7 major export commodity groups of the province, 3/7 groups with export value in January 2023 was estimated to be higher than the same period last year, including: Transport spare parts group reached USD 0.7 million, an increase of USD 0.7 million. 36.9%; garment products group reached 42.4 million USD, up 9.5%; group of paper and paper products reached 0.4 million USD, up 8.4% over the same period.