Immediately after the opening ceremony, the teams went through two competitions. In the theory test, teams will draw lots to answer 1 question in a set of 30 questions about fire prevention, fighting and rescue. These are all questions revolving around close and practical knowledge about fire prevention and rescue in daily life, thereby testing and evaluating the knowledge and understanding of the competition team members. In the practical portion of the competition, teams handle firefighting situations, rescue people and move assets for residential housing combined with production and business. In this situation, after discovery, teams are required to quickly gather forces, deploy to extinguish the fire, rescue victims and move property to a safe place.

Improve the operational efficiency of the fire prevention and fighting group

At the end of the contest, the Organizing Committee awarded 01 first prize, 01 second prize, and many other prizes to the competing teams. The two teams winning the highest prize will continue to be trained to participate in the provincial competition./.