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Mid-Autumn festival in Tea land in the hearts of international friends

30/09/2023 22:29
On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of Thai Nguyen City's founding (October 19, 1962 - October 19, 2023) and Mid-Autumn festival in 2023, Thai Nguyen city organizes the Street Art Program "Thai Nguyen – a radiant city in October - Mid-Autumn Festival in Tea land in 2023". The program has many attractive activities with the parade of nearly 60 creative artistic light models from agencies, units, businesses, schools and wards and communes in the area. In particular, there is also the participation of lamp models from Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, East Timor, and Nigeria, created by international students studying in Thai Nguyen. In addition, the audience can also enjoy an attractive, unique and impressive music party, along with street circus performances. The program is an opportunity for Thai Nguyen to promote its culture and landscape, attract tourists, and is also an opportunity for international friends to exchange and enhance mutual understanding. Watch Dynamic Thai Nguyen to know foreign guests share their feelings when participating in the festival in Thai Nguyen City!