Over the past 60 years, in the war as well as in times of peace, generations of iron and steel workers have always remembered Uncle Ho's teachings during his three visits, overcoming all difficulties and challenges to produce more iron and steel for the country. TISCO brand steel products increasingly affirm their reputation and position with domestic and international consumers,

In 2023, the company has carried out production and business tasks in a quiet real estate market that causes construction steel demand to decline. The steel market is complicated. Input prices of materials and fuel continuously fluctuate. With the courage and tradition they have built, Iron and Steel labor always strives to apply many solutions in technology and equipment, reduce production costs, and promote initiatives, improve technique and maintain stable production and business.

The author went to the Iron Refining, Steel Refining, Steel Rolling Factories... to record the images of workers who are keeping the steel fire for the sustainable development of the company under the new management mechanism.