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Travel beauty - Episode 4

10/01/2023 21:02
In the final episode of the reality TV show "Travel Beauty", the contestants had the opportunity to explore and experience the Danko City urban area - one of the development projects that not only marks a breakthrough of the city's development but also is one of the destinations that attract a lot of tourists when coming to Thai Nguyen. With classic architecture mixed with modern design of Danko City, the beautiful contestants of Miss World Vietnam 2022 transformed into lovely ladies in exquisite European costumes. The group of candidates includes:
- Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong (No. 216)
- Luong Hong Xuan Mai (No. 208)
- Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em (No. 088)
- Dang Thi Kim Thoa (No. 548)
In this category, 4 girls are selected by the judges through their performance in each episode and 1 contestant who is loved by the audience will be nominated for the Top 5 "Travel Beauty".