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OOPS! CREW 乐队在太原省留下了不可磨灭的的印记

17/10/2022 11:00
这就是第一次在太原省举行的特色街头艺术节的活动之一,此节日充满着越南文化的化妆、音乐、民间和现代舞蹈的风格。其中,OOPS! CREW 乐队已为此节日带来了两个特色的节目并在太原省留下不可磨灭的的印记的两个晚上。这乐队就是河内的将韩国流行音乐(K-pop)加入其内容的小组。因有了优秀的表演技术并带着印象风格的有名Opps Crew乐队已收到国内外的大小比赛的奖状。
The street art program in Thai Nguyen is bold in the style of carnival, folk and modern dance, music which is prominent in Vietnamese culture. In particular, Opps Crew dance group also brought 2 special music performances and had 2 burning nights at this art festival. As one of the popular KPop cover dance groups in Hanoi and loved for their cover videos. Thanks to good performance techniques and impressive style, Opps Crew has received many awards from domestic and international dance competitions.