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26/09/2022 16:00
近年來,面對這一日益令人不安的現實,挑戰一直是找到方法,使糧食生產不必違背對環境的積極目標。 “讓我們想一想,如果知道人們消費的豬肉或雞肉是以可持續的方式獲得併使用更少的資源,那麼市場對它的接受程度”.
Mr. Nguyen Van Tuyen – Ca hamlet, Tan Khanh commune, Phu Binh district has mechanical major, but he is passionate about scientific creativity in farming and animal husbandry, so he boldly went to learn about the breeding model of black soldier fly to make fertilizer for crops. After a period of implementing the model, going through countless hardships, he finally achieved results. In 2022, he boldly brought microbial organic fertilizer preparations to participate in the Technical Innovation Contest organized by the Provincial Farmers' Association, and excellently won the highest award in the district.