Over the past 1 year, Ms. Hoang Thi Nhu Hoa, Chairwoman of the People's Committee of Phu Thuong commune, representative of Vo Nhai district People's Council term XX, term 2021-2026, when participating in district People's Council sessions as well as meetings and programs of the District People's Council only uses a tablet computer.

Promoting the role of elected bodies in Vo Nhai district

Vo Nhai District People's Council supervises the management and use of facilities and equipment at Trang Xa Primary School.

With this smart device, Ms. Hoa can look up and access documents issued by the Standing Committee of the People's Council and departments of the People's Council to serve her work. In particular, Ms. Hoa can also contribute opinions and discuss online without having to speak directly at meetings or conferences. She shared: This application not only reduces the amount of paper documents, but also helps delegates interact more conveniently at work.

Vo Nhai District People's Council, term XX, term 2021-2026, has 34 delegates, staffed in two committees (Legal Committee, Economic - Social Committee) and 3 groups of delegates. Implementing work tasks, right from the beginning of the term, the district People's Council has determined to strengthen innovation in a substantive way, clearly define results, clarify responsibilities, and strengthen supervision on issues of public concern; increase the amount of explanation and clarify complex and inadequate issues; Strengthen questioning and answering questions, promote digital transformation in the activities of the People's Council...

Mr. Le Dinh Tan, Vice Chairman of Vo Nhai District People's Council, said: For meetings, the Standing Committee of the District People's Council regularly coordinates with the leaders of the District People's Committee to check and urge the preparation of documents and assign tasks. The district People's Council verifies reports, projects, proposals, and draft resolutions according to its functions. At the same time, coordinate with the Standing Committee of the Fatherland Front of the district and commune to organize delegates to meet with voters before and after the meeting, and report summarizing the opinions and recommendations of voters to the Provincial People's Council and District People's Council to transfer to the competent authorities for resolution according to their authority.

In particular, sessions of the People's Council, sessions of the Standing Committee of the People's Council and meetings of committees and supervisors... are equipped with eCabinet paperless meeting rooms to send documents to members quickly and contribute direct comments during the meeting, helping the chairman's operations be flexible.

Promoting the role of elected bodies in Vo Nhai district

Đoàn công tác của HĐND huyện Võ Nhai khảo sát việc sửa chữa, nâng cấp tuyến đường xã La Hiên.

In monitoring activities, delegates review the work report of the District People's Committee presented at the meeting, discuss and question issues of concern. Questioning and answering activities were seriously carried out by the delegates of People's Council, the questions were straightforward, specific to each case, related to many fields.

Promoting the role of elected bodies in Vo Nhai district

Construction of new rural concrete road in Than Sa commune.

To continue to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the People's Council's activities, the Standing Committee of the People's Council of Vo Nhai district determines to continue to improve the quality of promulgating resolutions and monitoring the implementation of mechanisms and policies; continue to innovate and improve the quality and efficiency of monitoring compliance with the constitution and laws and implementing resolutions of the People's Council; Strengthen thematic supervision and resolve voters' opinions and recommendations./.