Witnessing the professional activity of the foreign language team at Dinh Hoa high school, we found teachers discuss very enthusiastically about solutions to improve the quality of teaching and learning of this subject.

Innovating foreign language teaching at Dinh Hoa high school

Dinh Hoa high school's foreign language team hold a professional activity with the participation of the principal, Ms. Nong Thi Hao (far left).

According to teacher Bui Thi Thuong Huyen, Head of the foreign language group: The most difficult thing in improving the quality of English teaching and learning is that students in mountainous areas are mostly afraid of learning foreign languages. The advantage is that the foreign language team has 9/9 qualified teachers. To improve the quality of teaching, the team maintains good activities, exchanges expertise, observes lessons, gives feedback, and learns from experience. In particular, during the teaching process, each teacher has solutions to stimulate students' interest in learning English, help them love this subject.

Dinh Hoa high school has developed a plan to implement the project to improve the quality of English teaching and learning; Actively propagate the province’s fee support policies of the international English certificate exam to parents and students.

The school established many clubs, including the English club, to build an environment to help students develop their initiative, confidence in learning, practice, application, and communication skills.

Besides, teachers also actively discuss with students and encourage them to exchange and interact with each other, contributing to improving listening and speaking skills. The school maintains the English learning movement and English speaking festivals throughout the school years.

Do Thuy Duong, a student of class 11A1, said: English club activities create conditions for students to access activities of learning and practice some communication and practice skills.

Although Dinh Hoa high school is located in a mountainous district with a high proportion of ethnic minority students, the quality of English teaching and learning in recent years at the school has continuously improved. The school's average graduation exam score for the school year 2021-2022 in English is 4.37 (the national average graduation exam score is 5.15); In the school year2022-2023, the school's average English graduation exam score will increase to 4.65 (the national average graduation exam score is 5.45).