In 2023, Dong Hy district will deploy the "Sea duck farming" model in Hoa Trung commune with the participation of 11 households, raising 8,000 sea ducks 15 - Dai Xuyen.

Applying science and technology to agricultural production in Dong Hy
the VietGAP and organic tea production model is also implemented in Dong Hy district.

Participating in the model, households are trained and instructed on farming techniques, prevention and treatment of some common diseases, and are supported with 70% of the cost to buy seeds, 30% of complete mixed feed, and support for bioproducts, antiseptic chemicals, veterinary medicine.

Through monitoring, after a 60-day raising period, the households' duck flocks all developed well, with an average weight of 2.6 - 2.9 kg/bird; The survival rate is more than 96%.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thang, Party Cell Secretary of La Danh hamlet, said: When the first batch are sold, households received positive feedback from customers. After deducting costs, the average profit for each household raising sea ducks is about 7.5 million VND/500 ducks. This is a fairly high income compared to rice farming. The number of customers coming to buy is increasing, so households have increased their flocks.

Similarly, the VietGAP and organic tea production model is also implemented in Dong Hy district. Mr. Hoang Van Nhu's family, Tan Thanh hamlet, Van Lang commune, has more than 8 acres of tea grown and cared for according to VietGAP direction. Previously, his family mainly grew tea in the midlands and hills and could not irrigate, causing many pests and diseases. After switching to VietGAP tea production, the value of tea products is enhanced.

The model has been replicated. By the end of 2022, Dong Hy district has 2,000 hectares/3,900 hectares of concentrated tea production applying VietGAP and organic standards. Of which, the area certified with VietGAP and organic is 602.15 hectares, accounting for 15.8% of the total area of the district.

It can be said that thanks to the application of science and technology to production, farming efficiency has been significantly improved. More importantly, it has changed thinking and raised farmers' awareness in the application of high science and technology for agricultural commodity production towards sustainability.

In the coming time, Dong Hy district will continue to promote land accumulation and concentration, focusing on attracting businesses to invest in agriculture, especially linking production and consumption of safe rice, vegetables and tubers.